Be the First in Central Wisconsin to Truly Understand Your Pitching Motion!

All sessions will be done at the Premier Sports Academy under direction of Premier Sports & Stevens Point Orthopedics Sports Medicine. The program will be offered in 2 sessions with session 1 being high school age and session 2 being 8th grade and under. Both programs will run concurrently with the respective seasons and will include 3 analysis sessions and 1 training session. Athletes will receive the following:

  1. A personalized detailed printout of their mechanics with data and recommendations after each analysis session (emailed)

  2. A personalized video of their pitching motion after each session (emailed)

  3. A range of motion, strength and movement evaluation along with exercises to help any areas of deficiencies based on analysis session 1

  4. A personalized pitching mechanics training session focused on results from each individual’s analysis session

  5. Individual one on one training from the area’s most forward thinking and innovative sports medicine and throwing training specialists

Schedule for each session will be as follows:

High School Session
Analysis 1: March 9 9a-4p
Training: March 26 9a-4p
Analysis 2: April 28 9a-4p
Analysis 3: June 10 9a-4p

8th Grade & Under Session
Analysis 1: April 13 9a-4p
Training: April 23 or 25 4-7p
Analysis 2: June 11 9a-4p
Analysis 3: August 3 9a-4p

Cost for the program will be $350 and due to the large amount of back end work analyzing data and producing individual post analysis printouts and videos, we will only be taking 12 athletes in each session. Email to register or if you have any additional questions. Registration times will be based on a first come, first served basis so register now to ensure your time!