Summer velocity training

The summer velocity program puts a new spin on your training workouts. There is an emphasis of challenging our athletes to become faster and stronger this summer. Velocity will contain exercises that will burst speed and power.

Sessions will be offered for both boys and girls.

Boys Only Session

Mondays and Thursdays: June 10th- July 29th

(no July 4th session)

Time: 3:30-4:30pm

Cost: $325 for both sessions

Cost: $200 for just Mondays or just Thursdays

Girls Only Session

Mondays and Fridays: June 10th - July 29th

(no July 5th session)

Time: 4:30-5:30pm

Cost: $325 for both Mondays and Fridays

Cost: $200 for just Mondays or just Fridays

Summer Baseball and Softball Camps

Summer camps will train athletes on all different aspects of the game from defense, offense, pitching and more! Skills each week will progressively challenge the athlete more throughout the camp!

Baseball Camps

Baseball Offense Camp (3 Dates)

Mondays: June 10th-24th (6:30-7:30p)

Cost: $100

Baseball Defense Camp (3 Dates)

Mondays: July 8th-22nd(6:30-7:30p)

Cost: $100

Baseball Hit for Power Camp #1

Session 1: Thursday, June 13th 5p-7p

Cost: $65

Baseball Hit for Power Camp #2

Session 2: Saturday, June 15th 10a-12p

Cost: $65

Softball Camps

Softball Defense Camp (3 Dates)

Fridays: July 12th-26th (6-7p)

Cost: $100

Softball Pitching Camp **Pitchers Provide Own Catcher

Session 1: Thursday, June 20th 6-8pm

Cost: $65

Softball Pitching Camp **Pitchers Provide Own Catcher

Session 2: Saturday, June 15th 12:30p-2:30p

Cost: $65

$25 Hour Sessions - Mini Camps

Our hour long sessions will help guide through different drills in all aspects of the game. While some sessions will focus on hitting, defense or pitching, there will be different hours for each skill that will emphasize different mechanics and fundamentals!

Each hour session will cost $25. To register, click the button below the event and scroll through the calendar to find the day the event is happening.

Baseball $25 Hour Sessions

Baseball Defense Hour

Friday, May 24th 6-7p

Softball $25 Hour Sessions

Softball $25 Hour Sessions

Softball Hitting Hour

Friday, May 17th 6-7p (ages 10-13)

Friday, May 17th 7-8p (ages 14-18)

Monday, June 10th 5:30-6:30 (ages 10-18)

Monday, July 8th 5:30-6:30 (ages 10-18)

Softball Defense Hour

Friday, May 31st 6-7p (ages 10-13)

Friday, May 31st 7-8p (ages 14-18)

Monday, June 24th 5:30-6:30 (ages 10-18)

Thursday, July 25th 7-8p (ages 10-18)

Softball Pitching Hour - ** must provide their own catcher

Wednesday, May 22nd 6-7p (ages 10-12)

Wednesday, May 22nd 7-8p (ages 13-18)